Therapeutic support

The expertise of Ritama, former nurse, director of the cabinet, gestalt therapist, energy therapist, sound therapist, graphologist, morphopsychologist, in perpetual search for progress, training and specializations has focused in her last years on a need to understand and s to approach the bodies of suffering that we each constitute through the accumulation of pain and lack.

She wishes to introduce each person to their immense potential for self-healing.

During her sessions with her patients, she can have a gestalt approach but also a quantum and holistic one by healing with energy because the circulation of energy is related to the vitality of all biological systems.

In his office, access to care is diversified according to the need and the feeling of the present moment. She can offer an interactive gestalt therapy in co-creativity or just as well an energy treatment with a sound massage, or a work on colors, on stones, an illustration by a draw with oracles, a work in dowsing…

Her toolbox has been built up over the years and she draws from it all the necessary resources according to each person with a personalized approach.

Ritama listens to her heart and lets herself be guided to transmit the best.

Ritama intervenes during his sessions on:

  • Emotional and mental decoding
  • Healing our sufferings (freeing old wounds of the heart) and understanding their causes
  • Unblocking Energetically Harming Emotions and Emotional
  • Bodies:
    • purification on the physical plane: shocks, accidents, operations, assaults;
    • purification on the psychic level: separations, sabotages, miasmas, ropes, memories, beliefs and false beliefs, family and ancestral interference, education, society, prohibitions, injunctions
    • work on the spiritual level: harmonization of energies and vibrational elevation, healing with the source, connection to the universe and the divine, recovery of soul fragments
  • Deprogramming of cellular memories (inner cleansing)
  • The release of negative entities and energies
  • Past life work
  • Vibratory encounter with the guides and the protective beings, with the archangels

An intuitive and sacred approach by considering the individual as a whole, not only in his mind and body but also in his soul, which would seem to be the key to healing.

A work in the Respect of this energy of love and universal consciousness